Cosmo Oil Lubricants



Cosmo Oil is a Japanese oil and gas company and its subsidiary, Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co.,Ltd. , manufactures Group Ⅰ base oils at its Yokkaichi Refinery.

We exports a number of grades in tankers and flexitanks.

弊社ではコスモ石油ルブリカンツ製のパラフィン系  GroupⅠベースオイルの取り扱いを行っております。

40NT (SN40)

60NH (SN60)

150NT (SN150)

500NT (SN500)

700NT (SN700)






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We have long been engaged in the import, export, and trilateral trade of base oils for lubricants and rubber process oils.

We are one of the top traders in Asia pacific with an annual volume of 50,000 to 80,000 MT.

Our purchasing sources are Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, and Australia.

Sales sources are Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Singapore, India, etc.



Paraffin (Group1,2,3), Naphthenic, Aroma Process Oil (DAE, TDAE, RAE, TRAE), Liquid Paraffin, and Recycled Base Oil are available.


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